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Vaculayer - Thin Film Coating, IBAD Coating, Gold Coating

VacuLayer offers custom thin film coating services for a variety of applications including optics, semiconductors, displays, acoustics, industrial, scientific, research & development, prototyping, etc. We have extensive experience in designing, developing and producing vacuum deposited coatings for the UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR spectral wavelengths. These include: anti-reflection coatings, co-deposited coatings, diamond-like-carbon DLC coatings, filter coatings, high-reflection dielectric coatings, metal mirror coatings, neutral density filters and transparent conductive ITO coatings.

We offer IBAD Coating, Thin Film Coating, Gold Coating & custom thin film coating services for a variety of applications.

Our customer-focused dedication leads to responsive, reliable, competitive, and personalized service for you. Please contact us to find out how VacuLayer may be able to serve your vacuum coating requirements.
E-mail:, Tel: 1-416-835-0415.


Electron Beam
Resistance Source
Ion-Beam Assist
Ion-Beam Etching

Most of our dielectric coatings, DLC coatings, and metal mirror coatings can be removed without having to repolish expensive substrates.